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Thalgo Facials And Body Treatments

Massage - Revival Beauty Salon, Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland"The sea is a place where all organisms can return to their original source and draw upon all the elements that their earthly life has taken from them".
Professor Leroy

Thalgo Facials
Thalgo, the world specialist in Marine Beauty Care is a leading authority in the world of Thalassotherapy. Each facial uses products which are made from the purest natural active ingredients of marine and plant sources, all of which are bursting with goodness vital for beauty and balance. These include MMA (Micronised Marine Algae), Thalgo's pilot product which has been used for the past 35 years providing an excellent source of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Generally a Revival Beauty Salon facial involves a deep cleanse and analysis of the skin along with a massage, specific mask and extraction. The various facials are designed for different skin types and there's a treatment to suit everyone from teenagers to the mature client.

Facials include Hydra-Moisture Source which combats signs of dehydration, Cold Marine which is a refreshing, soothing treatment for sensitive skin, Collagen Velvet; a luxurious treatment for fine lines and wrinkles and the Rebalancing MMA facial which is deep cleansing and purifying. The Bio-marine Warm treatment is a gentle, soothing facial which is ideal for dry skin whilst the O2 Marine facial is suited to those who find their skin has become sluggish and stressed and has a great revitalising effect. At the end of a treatment you will receive information regarding the products that were used and some samples for you to take away to try out at home. All Thalgo products are available to purchase.

We also provide homecare advice in order to continue the benefits of the facial following the salon visit. We normally suggest a course of facials in order to see a real improvement in your skin's condition. At Revival Beauty Salon we have a running offer of 5 facials for the price of 4. Speak to any of our qualified and Thalgo trained member of staff to see which facial is right for you.

Thalgo Body Wraps
Revival Beauty Salon are pleased to introduce the Thalgomince LC24 Body Wrap from Thalgo. This treatment is specifically geared towards refining the client's silhouette & reducing localised cellulite. It also assists in the improvement of micro-circulation & reduces fluid retention. The treatment itself consists of a slimming exfoliation, a draining and toning massage, wrap and application of Thalgomince body cream. The specialised active ingredients used in the Thalgomince products help to fight localised cellulite, empty fat cells and release impurities. They also regress fat cells and stabilise results for long lasting action. This proven treatment is a great way to get ready for the Summer or for a special event such as a wedding or party. Please allow 1 1/2 hours for the treatment which costs €90. Buy a course of 4 wraps and get the 5th one free! For more information please contact Revival Beauty Salon, Dungarvan.

Thalgo Body Polish
Why not give your skin some tender loving care with a Thalgo full body exfoliation and moisturising massage? Great to give your skin a real glow for special occasions, holidays or in preparation for a sunless tan. The Descomask body scrub removes dead skin cells allowing the skin to regain radiance and softness. Then Soft Hydrating Emulsion is applied and massaged into the skin, leaving it moisturised and with deliciously satin feel. The Thalgo Body Polish is €40 for a 45 minute treatment.

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